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The money history during the Warring states period

The period of the conflict among regionally powerful warlords

As authority of the Muromachi Shogunate declined, and, in the times when people called the war-loads or sengoku-daimyo in Japanese who fought for expansion of their countries aiming at unification of Japan. Therefore war-loads made an original currency systems to collect money and carried out an economic policy. Currency system by Shingen Takeda and Free market policy and abolication of border checkpoints by Nobunaga Oda are very famous.

Currency system of Shingen Takeda

There was a huge gold mine in Kai region where Shingen Takeda ruled over. He made a gold coin called the Koshu gold and introduced a calculation system namely the system that the value of the gold coin turned according to the face value printed on the coin. And, four decimal system was adopted.

Free-market policy of Nobunaga Oda

In these days, there are associations had a great power in economy. In other words, they monopolized the business. Therefore, there is no chance for few comers and resulted in price hikes.


Nobunaga Oda introduced a new system called the free market policy. He abolished border checkpoints. The facilities were built in the border around Japan. People are used to be taxed at the border checkpoints. By abolishing border checkpoints in his castle town. Many business owners were attracted and the economy became very active.


Shingen Takeda established an original currency system by using gold in his territory
Nobunaga Oda vitalized the economy in his territory by introducing free-market policy and abolish border checkpoint.

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