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What is Miritary scrip

The military scrip is the paper money which is published to supply supplies such as the food in wartime in occupied territories. After the war end, the government which published military scrip or the armed forces collect the military scrip which I published and have a duty to change it for the cash of the local currency or a noble metal. However, like Japan in the Pacific War, the payment is exempted from and the country which lost does not often have solvency and may not cash military scrip. The used military scrip is said to be the Saigo bill whom Takamori Saigou published at the time of the Southwestern Rebellion first in Japan. It was used a lot afterwards in an occupied territory of foreign war such as Sino-Japanese, Russo-Japanese War or World War I.


It was published in China, Southeast Asia in the Pacific War. The currency unit diverged into many branches with rupee, peso, the dollar, gluten, too. Because the military scrip is published during war, printing is basically simpler than general paper money. As for the thing which Japan published, most are one color or frugality of two colors of printing. In addition, as a characteristic of the Japanese military scrip, a local characteristic plant or building may be adopted in a pattern. As an example, two colors of surface prints the military scrip 10 pesos ticket published in the Philippines, and the back side is the single color printing, but the plant that it is is pictured in raw materials of the paper money called the abaca on a list. In addition, the watermarks of light cloud form are contained and do not come to be able to easily forge it.

The 100 pesos ticket that share time with it, and was published is full-scale military scrip. The main designs such as the surface face amount or outline frame are printed with intaglio print, and the light base design is said to be the rainbow print which a color gradually changes into. The watermark of the leaf of the abaca enters, and a minute beautifully colored pattern design is adopted. In addition, the figure of the re-Sarh monument of patriot Jose re-Sarh who was killed by Spain though I play an active part in the case of independence movement of Philippines is described in the paper money surface.


The military scrip is the paper money which is published to supply supplies in wartime
The military scrip origin was the Saigo bill which Takamori Saigou published at the time of the Southwestern Rebellion.

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