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The name of the Japanese currency

Why yen is called "YEN"

It is about 1871 that a Japanese currency was created. It was the Meiji era, and a policy of seclusion was not carried out and became the unit of "Japanese yen" on this occasion. The reason named Japanese yen has some opinions. It is the opinion which named Japanese yen by the reason of making Japanese yen with a finger, and thing, Japan which Shigenobu Okuma that it was the then Minister of Finance to be the most influential is China, and call Western money "Japanese yen" expressing money.


Why yen is written "YEN"

As for the coin, there is the thing which the silver coin which form was used for in a thing to be round, China brought by a unit of "Japanese yen" from there as other opinions.


Some opinions considered to be Japanese yen and christening from the reason why Shigenobu Okuma varies as an origin named Japanese yen is convincing.

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