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The history of the dollar

The money unit “dollar” is the currency that used now in the United States. The taler in theorigin named this “dollar”. A lot of silver mines were discovered in Czech, the neighborhood of border of south Germany from the late 15th century to the 16th century. Joachim Stahl silver maine was especially huge among them. this Joachim Stahl silver maine was discovered in 1512. “a Joachim’s taler” or “a taler silver coin“ came to be made from 1519.This “taler silver coin” with approximately 30 g in weight, and approximately 4 cm in diameter were widely circulated in the then Roman Empire. The name “taler” was pronounced “dorera” in spaiu and “da - ra -” in North Europe.

Establishment of the dollar

From the 16th century through the 17th century, the Netherlands which made a colony in the Northern U.S. distributes the Dahl dell silver coins so - called Netherlands version taler silver coin. In the late 17th century, the U.K. won the second Anglo-Dutch war and it started to govern the Northern U.S. At that time, the money circulated in the United States “was the Spain dollar” that were made in Spain. When the United States of American becomes independent in 1776, they started to distribute “the dollar” on the basis of the Spanish dollar as official money, and the current U.S. dollar is born here.

Until we called the dollar in Japan

It was the Netherlands which tradedin national seclusion to have brought Japan the name of this “dollar”. Japanese in Edo era read “Dollar” as pronunciation of Dutch with “doruraru” then. This “doruraru” came to be abbreviated to “the dollar” in the Meiji era.

Origin of the sign to express the dollar

The sign to express the dollar is the thing of one line such the one with a line or the one with 2 lines. There are 3 Convincing opinions for this origin. Firstly, when decide the sign of the currency. there are was the opinion to put “S” on initial “U” os “United States of America”. Secondly, A sign to express peso that circulated a lot in the United States is omitted. Finally pillars of Hercules boomd with ribbon which is drawn in the Spanish national emblem were imitated.


Dollars now

There are 26 kinds circulating current by the name of dollars. One possible reason is as for the U.S. has strong influence to the world. For another considerable reason is taler silver coin was very excellent. In short, the money of “the dollar” and the name has spread world widely.


「The origin of the name of “the dollar” is a silver mine called “Joachim Stahl”
The word dollar was brought in Japan by Netherlands while Japan closed the country in the Edo era
Netherland ciruntoted silver coins in Nothern America colong and this currened changed into present dollar


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