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The origin of euro

European Union which European Central Bank (ECB) publishes it, and euro is a (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovenia, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia,) used currency in European Union (EU) in 19 countries. It is formally called “common currency of Europe”. The circulation of the euro began on 1st in January, 2002, European Union regarded whole Europe as one big group and was born for the purpose of reconsidering economy and military affairs. In addition, “mark” of Germany or “franc” of France were abolished when the euro circulated.


Paper money

Gate is draw in front, and bridge in the book, indicates opening to the world, and the bridge indicates cross - national connection. Both gate and bridge are imaginary. In addition, human drawn on the money is only Europe who is a beautiful woman coming out from Greek myth. However, she is a legendary person and “Europe” is derived from her name. No other human is drawn because the currency world no longer be a symbol of EU. As the symbol of EU for money used among many countries. If really existed things or person are drawn. In addition, the building of the different historic style is drawn on the paper money different in each price.



As for the euro coin, there is the side with common pattern, and each country can design other side. Because I draw each symbol of the nation on the mask making each country separate designs on, I can ask about on the conditions of a country. Each country can draw their symbols on the side.


The euro is used in EU from 2002, and currently used in 19 countries which only Europe is pictured in,
Imaginary gate and bridge are printed on paper money
Euro coin has common design on one side and each country can design on the other side of coin.


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