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Origin of the name

The word “weight” is called pound in Latin in ancient Roman age. In addition, because scales is called “ re - bra” in those days, they sometimes call pound “re - bura pound”.。

The history of pound

The history of pound The U.K. prospered as the British Empire around 17-18 century. It ruled over various areas and was called “the empire on the sun never sets”. For the powerful strength of a nation, pound was spent all over tnomy of he world and took the role as key currencies. Pound continued being spent afterwards even if it became Great Britain and the Northern Ireland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (the U.K.). However, it lost the statue because economy was sluggish, after World War II and economy of America developed World War II, and in accordance with de economic development, the U.S. took over the position.

The U.K. had already been amenuber of EU, when the euro was introduced in EU in 2002. U.K. which joined EU days, but the introduction is seen off by domestic objection and reaches it in now.

Complicated unit conversion.

It is easy now to converts pound, pence because a decimal system is used. However, duodecimal system and vigesimal system were used until February, 1971, and there were a lot, units and was very complicated.


When the U.K. prospered as the British Empire, It took the role of key currencies.
Pound was difficult to unit conversion.


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