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History of Yuan

In China, various coins have been used in the same way as in Japan. In addition, some those was important into Japan. The example is the Sung cion.

The change of Henpei

In China, the history of yuan starts with People’s Bank of China establishment in 1948. Anti-Japanese movement war were carried out before World War II in China, but, meanwhile, an original currency was issued in the area where the Chinese Communist Party ruled. In Chinese Soviet Union Republic which the Chinese Communist Party established in 1931, a unit same as coin used now such as yuan was used, but the last form of the unification of this Henpei is yuan.


Counterfeit bill

The counterfeit bill A considerable number a counterfeit bill circulate in China. Therefore when people treat a large denomination bill in particular in restaurant, they check watermarks, and an irregularity of the pront. A counterfeit bill may come out of ATM, and it is necessary to report of the Chinese counterfeit bill that it is thought as a cause of a lot of counterfeit bills having circulated. Repprted counterfeit bill forfeit in China. Therefore people come to often use it while being identified as a counterfeit bill, and the production of the counterfeit bill is not cut off.


Henpei circulated every rule area of the Communist Party called the side ward in the Chinese Soviet Union Republic era
Henpei was gradually unified and became yuan.
A lot of counterfeit bills circulate by the systems of the counterfeit bills report.


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