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Electronic money

The electronic money is something like a kind of prepaid card about the computerized account settlement service that IT (information and communication technology) was used for. There are two of traffic system and the circulation system that I greatly distribute it, and railroad companies publish that a major retail trade publishes. As for the traffic system, Suica or PASMO are famous for electronic money to substitute for the ticket. A purchase can use the circulation system in a cooperating shop and is a card given points. The system is such that these pay money to a card for money beforehand.


History of electronic money

In 1996, Sony develops Fellica which is the first chip card. Then it is adopted as the chip card which is usable as a ticket by means of transportation of each place with JR East having adopted the technique in Suica in 2001 as a start. In addition, when a technique of Fellica is adopted in electronic money payment system Edy by the major convenience store in 2002, it is big, and the stores which can use the electronic money with the chip card taking advantage of this increase, and these are combined, and electronic money will spread in Japan. The use of the electronic money spreads out with the spread of chip cards, and it is beyond 5 billion cases in 2017 to have been around 1 billion a year business in 2008.

Good point of the electronic money

Merits of the electronic money include two. Because one does not have severe examination, it is the point that anyone can easily make. The author thinks that means not to have the most imminent cash is a chip card, electronic money. There is many it, and have cash in a shop buying coping with one's chip card one more, and electronic money being usable; is not necessary. If we can pay just touching the mat with card, I would be thinking it’s very convenient and smooth.

Bad point of the electronic money

On the other hand, we must carry many kinds of chip cards when a shop supporting inspite of there being many kinds of the chip card varies according to individual cards and wants to finish the settlement only for electronic money. However, this problem has been solved recently. 11 companies which ran a chip card pro-traffic in 2013 concluded a tie-up and came to be able to get on and off the train if it was the section where the chip card which I ran of 11 companies coped with even if they used which card. In this way, the convenience improves markedly because use objects increase. If the stores targeted for the chip card which is usable in a shop are unified, the convenience rises more and may not need to have cash.


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