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Technique to prevent forgery

The design which prevents forgery

A face of the celebrity and some flowers are drawn on the bill. By using 20~22 color in the front and back makes the reproduction with the printer difficult. It is hard to reproduce a color by a copy and a scan and does it by doing a color simply daringly. The portrait of the celebrity is used for the reason of being easy to notice an accident if the faces of the person are even slightly different.


Technique to prevent forgery


Ink is printed on the surface to swell. In addition, this technique is used for an identification mark placed in the lower right.

Identification mark

It is on under the lower left and the right of the list, and there is the touch that it was assumed that I touch it with a rattling sound. The inconvenient person of eyes recognizes face amount by touching it here.



It is written as "NIPPONGINKO" by a small letter so as not to be able to reappear with a color copier.

Pearl ink

There is the pink design that took on luster on surface right and left both sides. It becomes easy to consider that It tip a charm.



A portrait comes to float by changing thickness of the paper. The face of the great man appears when I hold it up against light.

Bar patterns

A put vertical line looks not crowded when I hold it up against light. Than conventional watermarks reproduction is difficult.


latent image pattern

Face amount appears when I incline it in a technique used for a ten-thousand yen bill, a five thousand yen bill. In addition, a letter of "NIPPON" rises on the back side right side of all paper money.


latent image pattern of pearl

When a letter of "1,000 yen" with the pearl print and "1000" numbers by the latent image design incline it when I incline paper money in a technique used for only a thousand-yen bill, I appear.



Of a ten-thousand yen bill and the five thousand yen bill when incline it when shine, "face amount", "mark of the Bank of Japan", three kinds of "the cherry tree" appear.

Special emission of light ink

It becomes orange when you hit the seal (Governor of the Bank of Japan mark) with ultraviolet rays. In addition, a part of the pattern emits light in yellow green.


Design changing

Because a counterfeit bill is at increased risk for being sold with the techniques such as a PC or the color copy developing, I change a design of it accordingly. 53 kinds of bills were published after the Bank of Japan published a bill for the first time in 1885. design changing 18 times were performed when they peeped at a careful specifications change in that. Although it is various, the distance becomes approximately 1 degree recently for 20 years. It was performed recently in 2004 (because the two thousand yen bill was published by memory of 2000, it is not done design changing at this time).

*As for the dollar bill of America, design changing is performed for 2-5 years.


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