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Virtual currency

What is virtual currency

A virtual currency is the currency which is used when a personal fellow makes a deal on the Internet. Unlike legal currency such as Japanese yen and the dollar that we spend by daily life, there are not real paper money and coin now. It is the image that the charging item in the game can really use for business.

Good point of the virtual currency

When it is a system of the current legal currency, in the case of an overseas visit and a trip, you must change the currency into it. In this case it is necessary to pay a fee separately when I exchange money. However, it is not necessary to pay a fee throughout the world if it is not necessary to exchange money if it is a common virtual currency.

Value of the virtual currency

As for the general legal currency, value changes gently by the economic trends of the country. Because a familiar exchange rate does not become several times in news in a day either, We can't understand it well. However, the virtual currency suddenly changes by the thought that They want to value that ridership and the user want to sell. It is a virtual currency that value greatly changes.

History of vurtual currency

In addition, using a virtual currency, ICO( initial coin offering) means that companies collect funds. In this ICO, a study is pushed forward in the United States. However, besides, the imagination currency which a country cannot manage is abused, and the use is forbidden not to make any what is used for terrorism to protect stability and investors of the money market in China or Korea.

In Japan,in order to accept the existence of the virtual currency, and legislation is pushed forward. The case that Mauntgox of the major virtual currency exchange failed occurred in 2014. It is approached the need to protect a user by such a process, and therefore an argument of the legislation is pushed forward.

About Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is a person said to be a Japanese-person man. All the articles are written in English, and it is supposed that it is British again by a characteristic of the spelling. He began to write the report about the bit coin in 2008 and announced the software of the bit coin in 2009 and developed the first bit coin and started the use of the bit coin.

Future of the virtual currency

The virtual currencies spread more, and it is expected in future that the exchanges of the money between a country and countries become popular. However, it is that terrorism funds are easy to flow at the same time. In addition, there are the expectations that I want to tax a virtual currency and plans to want to grasp the flow of the imagination currency nationally. In addition, Huis Ten Bosch of Nagasaki announced the establishment of the virtual currency by the gold standard based on the money which the facilities held recently. It is expected in future that various types of virtual currencies come out.


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