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Rare money

Huge coin


Stone money was used in Yap of the Federated States of Micronesia from the ancient times. they stand from approximately 3m and the ground if they become big. We can hand it like money used in Japan directly if relatively small. However, I concluded payment because I could not carry it when big by moving the proprietary rights of the stone money. It is not used very much routinely now.

Money of plastic

There is a country using the money that plastic was used for in some Oceanian countries, including. Since plastic is strong than paper, the bill could be used for a long time. So, it is low-cost in a long term. In addition, using plastic in bill may become prevention of forgery. because it is hard to obtain material and can make a transparent part. On the other hand, when I count it, it is easy to glide and includes the demerit which it is hard to treat.

Not rounded coin and Coin with a hole

The coin which is not circular including the oval gold coin existed in Japan until the Edo era, but the usable money does an all circle now. However, there is the country where the money that is not circular is used for in the world countries. A lot of polygonal coins including a quadrangle and the octagon exist, too. In addition, normal, but, in the country using the existence aperture money such as a Japanese 5 yen coin and 50 yen coin, according to us who get used, it is unusual worldwide.


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