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Museum Report

I came to the money Museum of Tokyo with team members alone for three 3rd graders and a 1st grader, in order to deepen knowledge about the money. Money Museum is managed by the Bank of Japan,displays precious old money and things concerned with money. I remember visiting here once when I was a primary school child and being attracted to the display. I will introduce some of interesting display from this visit .


A stone money once used in Yap island is the put near entrance. It is a thing to watch with a photograph well, but after all the real impact is big and remembers what I was surprised at the size very much. It is very big

Secondly, display of a huge oval gold coin in the Edo period which is mainly used for ceremony.In addition, I was surprised that a clan called Goto monopolized production of this large size and undertook it.It was much bigger and more gorgeous that I had imagined.

Thirdly the corner where we can experience technique used for prevention of forgery. We can hit blacklight to the paper money and we can watch a microletter used for a thousand-yen bill I was impressed with the quality of the prevention of forgery technology.

The Bank of Japan is located next to this museum. Since it was under construction, we only could observe the appearance. But I was glad to have apportunity to really look at the Bank of Japan which was, so to speak, a core of the economy of Japan.


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